Bird Diverter

Bird Diverter
Material : Acrylic
Brand Name : San Zheng
Factory Supplier : Yes
Eco- friendly : Yes
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Product Details

Bird Diverter



Bird Diverter is a visual bird deterrent used to scare away pests and birds from trees, courtyards, gardens, eaves, pavilions, fruit trees, hangings, ships, etc.Shining reflector surfaces attract birds' visual sense to frighten birds. When birds see shiny reflective surfaces on a bird shunt, they panic and try to avoid treatment areas. These are visual bird deterrents and should be suspended in front and around the problem area using a string or rope. When suspended, the length and space will be about 2 to 3 feet apart. The light scare bird steering gear can be hung on trees, mast, spreader, balcony cover, pavilion and other areas.



Product Details


Material:      Acrylic (add Dark glowing & Reflective )

Color:         White

Dimension:     15cm *10cm

Eco-Friendly:   YES

Factory Supplier:  YES

Place of Origin:  Xiamen, China (Mainland)



Features & Benefits:



• economic and humanitarian deterrent forces for birds

• Easy to install, very effective.

• Made of durable plastics suitable for outdoor use.

• suitable for trees, cantilevers, gazebo, balconies, eaves and boats.

• No damage to trees or plants

• A unique Moon / ShineTM system that pairs materials that glow in the dark (10-12 hours) with high reflective sunlight.

• Bird Diverter has been installed and validated worldwide, incorporating motion, reflection and light, and is cheaper to install than coils.







































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