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RFID Chinese standard

Nov 24, 2016

China RFID standard issue has been the focus of attention at home and abroad, but also about whether promoting the rapid development of China RFID industry core issues as soon as possible. RFID standards, held in Beijing on June 26, 2006 meeting of the Working Group was informed that the 2007 through joint efforts, Chinese tag team has 13.56MHz RFID tags, basic electrical characteristics, 13.56MHz, RFID read/write devices specification, RFID labels, physical characteristics, three standards of technical documents.

2008 ready include: 840-845MHz, 920-925MHz frequency label draft standards, 13.56MHz/radio frequency identification tags, basic electrical characteristics test method, 13.56MHz, RFID read/write test methods physical properties draft standard test method, RFID tags.