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​The existence of the label

Jun 04, 2018

The existence of the label:

(a) the label in its existing form can be divided into:

1. Physical label is used to indicate the name of the goods, weight, volume, use and other information of the brief signs. There are traditional printing labels and modern barcode printing labels.
2. Network label Network tags (tag) is an Internet content organization, is a very strong keyword, it helps people easily describe and classify content to facilitate retrieval and sharing, TAG has become an important element of Web 2.0.
3. Electronic label RFID tags are also called RF tags, transponder, data carrier; The reader is also known as a readout device, scanner, read head, Communicator, and reader (depending on whether the RFID tag can be used to overwrite data wirelessly).

The space (contactless) coupling of RF signals is realized between RFID tags and readers through coupling elements, and the energy transfer and data exchange are realized in the coupled channel according to the time sequence relationship.