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The role of stickers

Jul 19, 2018

The role of stickers:

Today's social stickers are no longer a teenager's patented toys, with the social progress of stickers born a lot of personalized role. For example, now very popular car stickers. The so-called car stickers are some personalized stickers affixed to the car, to achieve personalized or reminders of the purpose. On our way to the car, we often see a variety of auto stickers, some of them affixed to the door, some on the back of the trunk. In addition to the personality of the body, this car stickers another role is a humorous reminder. For example, when the traffic jam, we often see the front car sticker "Worried you gray past ~ ~", "Do not beep, the more tick the slower" and so on.
When we see this makes people laugh and cry when the sticker, the depressing strength of the traffic jam and scattered. In addition to car stickers, there are glass stickers, wall stickers, etc. used to make home decoration personalized stickers.
When we worry about the cost of decorating the wall, why not DIY a few personalized stickers, as long as you are creative enough to decorate them on the wall, not only the cost is low, and the effect of decoration is also no lack of elegant artistic atmosphere. Now there are a variety of blank stickers, that is, there is no printing patterns of stickers, this sticker can be used for labeling. Nowadays many old people use this kind of blank sticker to remind themselves to do certain things. For example, write about what you're going to do today on a sticker, and then stick it in the room and remind yourself not to forget it.
Five strokes to teach you how to erase stickers
1, with a paper towel stained with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, to be used without medical) wipe, rub a few more on the clean.

2, with acetone. Methods Ibid.The best part is that it can quickly and easily remove the residual gum, which is better than alcohol.

3, the use of nail washing water. Usage is also similar to alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good.
The nail-washing water does not require quality, good or general, as long as can be washed off nail polish can be.

4, with hand cream. First the surface of the printed matter, and then put the hand cream squeeze some in the top, slowly with the thumb rub, rub a little while will be able to glue the residual gum rub down. Just a little bit slower. Hand Cream is an oil-like substance, its nature is incompatible with gum class.The glue is used for this characteristic.

5, with banana water. It's a kind of industrial agent used to remove paint, and it's easy to buy (there's a place to sell paint). The method is also similar to alcohol acetone.