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The scope of application of electronic tags includes

Jul 19, 2018

The scope of application of electronic tags includes:
1, Security: Through the scan, detailed logistics records are generated.
2, Production line management The electronic label can conveniently and accurately record the process information and the process operation information in the production line to meet the flexible production demand. The record of workers ' work number, time, operation and quality inspection results can fully realize the traceability of production.
It can also avoid the errors caused by handwriting and seeing information in the production environment.
3, warehousing Management The RFID system is used to manage the goods of intelligent warehouse, which effectively solves the information management of warehouse goods. For large storage base, the management Center can understand the position of the goods and the storage of the goods in real time, which is very important for improving the warehousing efficiency, feedback the product information and directing the production. It not only increases the number of processed goods in one day, but also can monitor all the information of the goods.
The application of a variety of forms, can be affixed to the label on the cargo, by the forklift on the reader and the warehouse corresponding to the location of the reader read and write, you can also use the barcode and electronic tags together.
4. Sales channel Management The establishment of strict and orderly channels, efficient management of invoicing is a strong need of many enterprises.
Products in the production process embedded in the electronic tag, which contains the only product number, manufacturers can use the recognizer to monitor the flow of products, wholesalers, retailers can use the reader to provide manufacturers to identify the legality of the product.
5. Management of valuable items can also be used for cameras, cameras, portable computers, CD walkman, jewelry and other valuables of anti-theft, settlement, after-sale guarantee. Its anti-theft function belongs to the electronic Goods Surveillance System (EAS) one. The label can be attached or placed inside the item package. The special racking scanner will scan the goods in real time and get real-time inventory records.
If the goods are taken away from the shelves, the system will verify that the behavior is lawful and the system will report to the police if the goods are illegally taken away. Check out the library, the different categories of all items can be scanned through the scanner, a one-time completion of the scan at the cashier to generate sales orders at the same time lifting the anti-theft function. In this way, the alarm will not ring when the customer leaves the item with the purchase.
When the customer pays the bill, the cashier writes the date of sale to the label, so that the goods purchased by the customer are guaranteed and promised accordingly.
6, book management, leasing product management
In the book affixed to the electronic tag, can conveniently receive book information, sorting books without moving books, can improve efficiency and avoid work errors.
7, other such as logistics, car anti-theft, air parcel management.