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What are food labels?

Dec 11, 2019

Food labels refer to the words, graphics, symbols, and all instructions on pre-packaged food containers. The prepackaged food is food that is prepackaged in containers for delivery to consumers. All contents of the food label shall not describe or introduce the food in a wrong, misleading or deceptive way, nor shall it use language, graphics or symbols directly or indirectly suggestive to cause consumers to confuse the food or one of its properties with another product. In addition, according to regulations, the water bottle label must not be separated from packaging containers; All contents of food labels shall not be blurred or even fall off in circulation. All contents of food labels shall be easy to understand, accurate and scientific. Food labeling is an important way to protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests according to law.

Contents that must be marked in food labels: those that have been proved by medical clinic to be harmful to special groups; Having been treated with ionizing radiation or ionizing energy; Those that are genetically modified food or contain legally prescribed genetically modified raw materials; Other explanations in Chinese should be marked in accordance with laws, regulations and national standards.

Food labels shall not indicate the following contents: non-health food that explicitly or implicitly has a health function; Describing or presenting food in a deceptive or misleading manner; The additional product description cannot verify its basis; The writing or design does not respect the customs of an ethnic group and contains discriminatory descriptions; Using the national flag, national emblem or renminbi for marking; Contents prohibited by other laws, regulations, and standards.