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What is warning label?

Aug 28, 2019

warning label means a sign warning vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to dangerous places. The color of warning label is yellow bottom, black side, black pattern, the shape is equilateral triangle, the top Angle is up.

Drivers should pay attention to the warning labels, drive carefully, slow down.

In most countries, the warning label is an equilateral triangle with a white background and a thick red border. However, each country's background color and border color and thickness are different.

In the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), warning labels are black borders with yellow bottoms. In Sweden, Serbia, bosnia, Croatia, Finland, Iceland, Greece, the republic of Macedonia and Poland, warning labels are red borders with amber bottoms. This is due to climate factors affecting the choice of colors, and in areas where snow is common, red and amber are more likely to attract attention than red and white. A polar bear warning label in spitzbergen has been changed from a black bear on a white background to a white bear on a black background. Some countries that use white background signs use amber for road work or other projects.

warning labels in some countries are diamond in shape. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia, warning labels have a yellow base with a black border and pattern, usually in diamond, while temporary signs (usually construction signs) have an orange base with a black border. The republic of Ireland logo is also different from the standard used in most European countries. Most traffic signs in the republic of China (Taiwan) are triangular with red frame on a white background or round with red frame on a white background.