Customized Acrylic Foam Tape

Customized Competitive Price Weather Resistance Acrylic Foam Tape
Material : Acrylic Foam + Release film + adhesive
Brand Name : San Zheng
Factory Supplier : Yes
Eco- friendly : Yes
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Customized Competitive Price Weather Resistance Acrylic Foam Tape

Acrylic foam tape is a polyacrylate two-sided foam tape manufactured using a unique solvent-free manufacturing technology. The foam core and the top layer of adhesive are all made of polyacrylate-based viscoelastic but not on both sides of the foam core Coating adhesives, which are the biggest differences between acrylic tape products and common foam tapes, are vividly called “solid glue.” This special structure gives the adhesive tape a special overall viscoelasticity. The adhesive tape can effectively dissipate the stress inside the adhesive joint through mechanical relaxation of the adhesive tape so as to effectively protect the bonding wire. The foam core of acrylic tape is a 100% fully closed cell structure that does not pass water or air.

Acrylic foam tape can be suitable for glass curtain wall assembly provides superior adhesion and dust tightness. As well as the construction of various needs, such as insulation, sealing, connecting, strapping, repair, marking and so on. In digital products, household appliances, advertising, electronic signs, LED boards and other processing and assembly of a good adhesive bonding. Anti-rub for the car, bumper, crash boards, nameplates, signs, pedals, as well as inside and outside the car decoration and motorcycle nameplate, marking, letter paste.

Our range of Acrylic foam tape is available in both single and double sided adhesive coating. These tapes give a permanent fixing and are ideal for numerous applications including fixing number plates and signs, and are ideal for uneven surfaces. Available in different colors and thickness, these foam tapes are provided at competitive prices and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


  • Strong adhesive

  • Good waterproof

  • UV resistance

  • Peel strength

  • Good weatherability

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No import restrictions

  • Simple processing

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