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Battery Labeling In The Pre-press Process Notes

Nov 18, 2016

Printing plate blank plug fault

1, back in exposure time is too long, you should pay attention to the correct exposure time control back;

2, overexposed, and ensure the reproduction of small text and fine lines under the premise, as far as possible to reduce exposure time;

3, plate and film connection is bad, should ensure that the vacuum system to work properly, and roll away plates and film in the air.

Small outlets, small, thin wash out fault

1, back in exposure time is not enough to consider increasing the background exposure time;

2, the exposure time is not enough, you can increase the exposure time;

3, takes too long to wash or brush pressure is too big, should pay attention to reducing washing time and brush pressure.

Small dot lost print failure

1 underexposed, or back, you can increase exposure or background exposure time;

2, original design is beyond the scope of flexo printing reproduction, improving the design of the original, making it suitable for flexographic printing technology.