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Car Sticker Installation Steps

Nov 18, 2016

Installation steps

Tools: transfer film, cleaning cloths, scrapers or credit card

1. clean body, sprinkle water on the body parts that will be posted – to reduce the sticker viscosity, convenient adjustment position;

2. determine where you want to paste. Side of the stick, while slowly and gently scrape with a tool, while uncovering the transfer film (shown translucent paper);

3. door handles or rubbing Strip to cut and Pack into the material according to the circumstances;

4. adjusting graphics in general position is correct, hard again and scrape off the water and bubbles. Removed the transparent transfer film;

5. draw a knife in doors and sewn with a utility knife, docile;

6. don't let car stickers and car body have any separation or raised;

7. try to make car stickers in the water to dry, there are conditions to moderate heating and drying. According to the weather conditions, after a couple of days before washing the car.