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Car Stickers​ Commonly Used Materials

Mar 21, 2017
Car Stickers Commonly Used Materials
Nov 18, 2016

Body sticker needed for outdoor use, requires the ability to Sun, rain, so commonly used materials are PVC or PET.

Chemical stability resistance of PVC products, oxidizers, reducing agents and strong acids have very strong powers of resistance. However it can be strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid corrosion, and also does not apply where in contact with aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons.

PVC is flame-resistant self-extinguishing, wear, noise absorb shock, high strength, good electro-insulating properties, low price and wide source material, good airtight performance and so on.

Disadvantages of PVC thermal stability is poor, aged by light, heat, oxygen. Most of the long-term use of PVC plastics temperature should not exceed 55 ° c, but long-term use of specially formulated PVC plastics temperatures up to 90 degrees.

PVC is not flammable, high strength, good resistance to climate change as well as geometrical stability, oxidizing agents, reducing agents and strong acids have very strong powers of resistance. In addition, due to its excellent flexibility, contraction and opacity, processing and labeling good chemical resistance strong, durable, and therefore suitable for long-term outdoor use.

PET polyester film is to poly Terephthalic acid ethylene glycol ester for raw materials, PET in more wide of temperature range within has excellent of physical mechanical performance, long-term using temperature can up 120 ℃, electric insulation sex excellent, even in high temperature high frequency Xia, its electric performance still better, but resistance electric Halo sex poor, anti-nontoxic, and resistance climate sex, and anti-chemical drug stability good, creep degeneration, resistance fatigue sex, resistance friction sex, and size stability are is good. Low water absorption, resistant to weak acids and organic solvents,