High Temperature Resistant Kapton Polyimide

High Temperature Resistant Tapes, Kapton (Polyimide) Tapes Brown
Material : Polyimide
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High Temperature Resistant Tapes, Kapton (Polyimide) Tapes

Polyimide high temperature tape can be customized according to customer voltage requirements. After special treatment of high temperature insulation polyimide film as a substrate, with excellent insulation, wear resistance, acid and alkali, high temperature can be 300 degrees / 10 minutes, 180 degrees can be used for a long time. Product Specifications Length 33M, width can be any degree of shading amber series. High temperature tape This product has excellent electrical properties, high insulation, high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, special adhesive treatment, adhesion, Shaded surface without leaving plastic residue.

Polyimide high temperature tape used in a large number of anti-welding protection, high temperature transformer winding insulation bundle; capacitor insulation material, high temperature PCB board finger spray masking protection, cell phone lithium battery strapping. Uses: Protection of gold finger company produced high-temperature polyimide tape insulation tape, polyimide film is coated with high temperature silica gel substrate with super high temperature performance for reflow soldering gold Finger protection.

Due to its temperature tolerance, Kapton Tape is commonly used in 3D printing as a printing surface (applied to a heated build platform) and for insulating hot-ends.  When heated Polyimide film adheres particularly well to ABS plastic and can be used to prevent or reduce warping. Kapton tape has been shown to be a better alternative to PET tape.

Storage temperature: 5-30 ℃ Avoid direct sunlight, low temperature (below 0 ℃), high temperature (40 ℃ above), high humidity (70% RH above) environment.













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